Information Webinar – “Leader of tomorrow

A free webinar to try out and discover the new "Leader of tomorrow" course run by the Hub des possibles and the sanu training institute from September 2024.

During this webinar, we will explain in detail:

  • What we mean by “leader of tomorrow
  • The course
  • What you’ll leave with
  • The tools and methodologies we use.


You can also:


  • Meet the main people involved in this course
  • Test the special style of this course
  • Ask your questions and share your thoughts


The ” Leader of Tomorrow ” course in brief:


We have now entered the Anthropocene era. This period is characterized by an unprecedented overstepping of plantar limits, caused by human activities. If we don’t implement solutions to combat global warming, the collapse of biodiversity and soil impoverishment, we risk destroying the balance of the earth system. And thus destroy the very foundations of our existence and that of future generations. We also risk witnessing a growing polarization of our societies.


So how do we deal with the growing number of scientific findings, how do we respond to these challenges and, above all, how do we contribute to the emergence of solutions?


Today, every leader can make a difference and become an agent of change. Tomorrow’s leader course aims to :
– To help you understand today’s issues and challenges;
– Develop a posture of authenticity, trust and courage, enabling long-term action;
– Emerging future scenarios;
– Outline your own contribution to change in your company or institution.


You’ll discover that many solutions already exist today, and are just waiting to be deployed more widely. You’ll also discover that becoming part of the change gives new meaning to your work and your actions. This can become a major source of motivation and innovation for your teams.


To discover the course, click here : Leader of tomorrow


Practical information:

The webinar is free and without obligation. So don’t hesitate to sign up, and invite anyone you know who might be interested.


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