Nature itself?

Three days to breathe and resonate with nature around us and within us, to let what's within us emerge and nourish our living, joyful, creative humanity!
You are looking for :

Take time for yourself, in the face of current world events, to nurture a dynamic of connection and joy. You want to project yourself into the future with positive energy.


You are

On an inner quest and feel the need to take stock of yourself and the world around you.

You’ll leave with :

This workshop is a journey combining introspection with perspective on oneself, one’s relationship with others and with Nature. It’s also an invitation to explore and share your own connection with the web of Life. Summer is a time to pamper yourself in softness and light. In the rejuvenating setting of the Jura mountains, you’ll gain a new perspective on yourself and the world, strengthening your capacity for action and serenity.


The workshop follows the steps of the Work That Connects, a method developed by Joanna Macy, which nourishes positive energy, enables emotional balancing and reinforces the posture of lucid optimism.

Throughout the 3 days and according to the group’s rhythm, we will alternate individual and group time to :

♣ Anchoring us in the joy of living on this earth

♣ Visiting what is currently more difficult in terms of environmental and societal issues

♣ Looking at things from other perspectives

♣ Imagining ways forward.

It’s a process that has been used around the world to support inner transition for several decades.


The workshop will combine the forms of reconnection to life proposed by Joanna Macy with other tools such as action methods, storytelling theater, intuitive singing and discovery of the resonance of nature, in support of our projects. We’ll benefit from the warm and inspiring welcome at Auberté, as well as from the perspectives offered by the Jura plateau.


Come and experience these 3 days of rejuvenation and connection to regain momentum and project yourself into a desirable future!

Practical information:

Full-board vegetarian residential package from Wednesday evening 7pm to Saturday 4pm.


Wednesday, August 21 at 7pm to Saturday, August 24 at 4pm.



L’Auberté | address: Grand’Rue 63, 1454 L’Auberson | website:

Access by public transport: train to Ste-Croix. Then line 615 to L’Auberson. Chemin du Carre” stop.



Includes accommodation in a room or small dormitory, full board, preparation and running of the workshop:

– Tariff “My budget is too tight at the moment” CHF 450.00

– Standard fee to cover direct workshop costs” CHF 660.00

– Generosity” rate (I help tight budgets to participate, I contribute to the diffusion of Work That Binds) CHF 870.00

With :

Annick Wagner, co-founder of hub des possibles, facilitator of collective intelligence and Travail Qui Relie

Roberto Zanani, holistic coach, regular practitioner of Travail Qui Relie and other approaches to connecting with nature.

Eveline Jost, an epicurean by nature, for a selective sequence in the forest to allow curiosity and wonder to emerge towards the world of the visible and invisible.

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