Walk & Reconnect! July

Have you noticed that we're more and more connected, and less and less in real life? Come and experience something simple, yet essential to the beauty of our humanity!
You are looking for :
  • Rediscover a little serenity in this world, where the challenges of living together and climate and ecological issues can make us anxious.
  • Creating links with the residents of your town
  • or simply enjoy a moment of rejuvenation!
You are

Whether you’re a young adult or already further along in life’s journey, you may or may not be experiencing eco-anxiety.

You’ll leave with :

Lightness, joy, a stronger desire to contribute to tomorrow’s world, new encounters.


It’s a 1.5-hour walking workshop, accessible to all, offering a variety of activities to help you connect with yourself, with others and with the rest of nature.

In particular, he uses the principles of Joanna Macy’s Work That Connects, a 4-step process that is practiced by thousands of people worldwide.

– Anchoring gratitude: taking the time to connect with the joy of life,

– Honoring our grief: sharing justified concerns about our environment,

– Change your outlook: connect with the opportunities that this particular period brings,

– Moving forward: returning to everyday life with a renewed sense of awareness and commitment.


So, over a short period of time, we take the time to connect, to train our ability to feel our place within the network of living things.

This connection workshop helps strengthen what we call the inner compass, presence, long-term vision, connectivity and optimism. In this way, it contributes to greater well-being and is in line with the international framework of theInner Development Goals.

Practical information:

Departure at 5.30pm from bus stop 16 “Lac Sauvabelin”.

Return to the same place at 7pm.

Bring weather-appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes and plenty of water.

The cost of this workshop is covered by the Hub des possibles. At the end of the workshop, you’ll be invited to follow up your generosity by making a donation for the following workshops, part of which will also go towards planting trees or saving native species.

This workshop is given on a regular basis, so check the agenda for other dates.

With :

Annick Wagner: co-founder of Hub des possibles, facilitator, member of the international Workthat Reconnects network and the IDG Lemanic Network(Inner Development Goals).

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