Would you like to find out more about the tools and techniques used at the Hub to support change? Curious about how the imaginary can fertilize the possible? Do you wonder what a world would be like if we recognized our interdependence with living things? Would you like to seed your mind with tales of French-speaking Switzerland in 2040? So don’t hesitate to check out our blog section, where we share thoughts and stories about our activities.

The world is a reflection of what we believe.

Today, most of the stories that shape our future are either dystopian or marked by deprivation and austerity. Yet dozens of other stories are possible. It’s up to us to invent them. And hundreds of people in Switzerland are already involved in projects that are defining the contours of a sustainable, liveable society. So why don’t we all start thinking about these possible futures?

How do you activate your butterfly?

What’s behind the butterfly on the Hub des possibles logo? Why was it chosen?
We tell you why, in the style of Edmond Rostand…