The goal of the Hub of Possibilities

Helping everyone to co-construct desirable, sustainable futures.

At the Hub of possibilities, we cultivate:

Linking up to break out of our sectoral silos and bubbles. Connection is a state and an act, that of connecting to oneself, to others and to one's environment.

Imagination to get out of the current inertia by imagining possible futures and building new individual and collective narratives.

Le Hub des possibles is a “Think-and-Be Tank*” designed to support individuals and organizations (companies, public authorities, non-governmental organizations) in adopting a clear-sighted optimistic stance and an approach to environmental and social mobilization.

We’re already familiar with Think-and-Do Tanks (idea laboratories designed to produce actions or even objects). Le Hub des possibles offers the Think-and-Be Tank, a laboratory of ideas that allows us to take care of our inner selves in order to renew our actions.

The vision of the Hub of Possibilities

The Hub of Possibilities' vision is of a world in which human beings are rooted in their own selves, connected to others and in harmony with living things. In this way, they contribute individually and collectively to imagining and creating desirable futures that respect planetary limits and human dignity.

The Hub des possibles action model

Four levers for becoming lucid optimists

To develop this posture of lucid optimism, the Hub des possibles has created a 4-lever model. This is the framework for the various activities on offer.
By combining a rational approach with an appeal to the imagination and emotions, the Hub facilitates the emergence of new narratives and the move to action.


to get a clear picture of the problem

This step is essential if we are to understand the ins and outs of the environmental challenges (global warming, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, etc.) and social challenges (job insecurity, the jobs of tomorrow, migration) that we face. It also to identifying trends and positive developments that we can build upon. Whatever the topic, our aim is to analyze the facts with scientific rigor and precision, properly documented in order to understand where we’re starting from.


to transform them and feed your positive energy

Uncertainty, crises or simple change often make one feel insecure or anxious about the future. And these emotions in turn can lead to disengagement or polarization. Denying the facts, or blaming someone else – family, neighbors, political adversaries, the context – allows us to temporarily silence our worries. At the Hub of Possibilities, we invite you to embrace your emotions, observe them without judgment and name them so you can move through them. We suggest you reconnect to yourself and to the strength of the group to regain your confidence and capacity for action. You take time out to think outside the box.


for innovative and sustainable solutions

Working with the imagination is powerful, as it enables you to harness perceptions that come from within, and visualize the future that you desire. Working on “What if…” basis enables us to come up with solutions at different levels that are not simply a repetition of “what we’ve always done”, and to take courageous action. This approach allows individual and collective narratives of a desirable future to emerge. It helps to energize teams and define a common ideal. It helps to put power into the hands of ordinary people. It allows us to dream of a joint story that inspires and motivates us towards creating a society that can unfold within planetary limits, while respecting the rights and security of every citizen.


to explore different scenarios and stories

This lever is about exloring emerging trends and questioning the diversity of possible solutions. Foresight enables us to know, understand and anticipate, before making decisions and taking action. It enables rigorous analysis of the current context, challenges and trends, as well as exploration of weak signals and new, disruptive and innovative options for thinking about the future. Foresight enables us to establish different scenarios for the future, in order to anticipate risks and opportunities, and to define the scenario we want to move towards.

Theoretical framework

The implementation of these four levers is based on the integration of various current methods and tools. The linking principle also applies to connecting concepts to achieve the desired result.

Le Hub des possibles develops an approach that is consistent with :

the Inner Development Goals (IDGs ) to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The IDGs are a set of 23 capabilities and attitudes, identified by a team of international researchers as essential for humans to build a sustainable future. This model has been recommended by the European Parliament (resolution of 23.06.22) and represents a pragmatic and ambitious personal development benchmark.

the Donought approach, developed by economist Kate Raworth, takes planetary limits and respect for everyone’s fundamental rights as a framework for thinking about economic, political and social change, and thus for finding a safe and just space for humanity.