About us

Le Hub des possibles is a non-profit association.
Its structure is agile and it operates according to the principles of sociocratic shared governance.
The Hub des possibles operates with a team in charge of developing and running the Hub’s projects, a committee in charge of strategic follow-up, and a circle of experts and ambassadors who support us in their specific fields of expertise.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to join us!

The team

Annick Wagner

co-founder & co-director

Annick perfectly combines the analysis of an engineer, the commitment of a manager and the inspiration of a coach. She brings to the Hub her talents and experience of over 20 years as a facilitator, coach and trainer of leaders. She co-directs a CAS in change management and practices storytelling theater. His dream is to develop a dialogue with trees. Annick likes to mix tools and let herself be inspired by what’s happening in the moment. She trusts the process!

#facilitation #durabilité #coach #intelligence_collective #transition_intérieure

Chantal Peyer

co-founder & co-director

Chantal is a virtuoso speaker and a good listener. Her experience as a policy advisor to non-governmental organizations gives her a deep and incisive insight into the complexity of societal and political systems. She trained at the Institute of Desirable Futures and, with the Hub of Possibilities, intends to nurture in individuals and groups the strength to project themselves towards desirable futures. In particular, she brings to bear her coaching skills to open people’s consciences, sublimate talents and bring out the possible contributions of each and every one of us to a world based on justice and human cooperation.

#policy_consultant #sustainability #coach #talents #imaginary

Vanessa Hambaryan

Communication Specialist

A marketing and social media specialist, Vanessa has been immersed in the world of marketing, events, communications and digital for over 15 years. Creative and dynamic, she combines strategic vision and copywriting skills to develop high-impact campaigns. Suggesting innovative communication concepts, creating high value-added events and raising an organization's profile are all part of its day-to-day activities. It supports the Hub des possibles in all its communication challenges and actions.

#communication #social networks #marketing

Testaz Claudine

Finance Specialist

Claudine is a good listener, open-minded and tolerant of others. With strong organizational skills and a strong sense of duty, she is a reliable and precise person. Her availability, flexibility, patience and versatility are assets recognized by the people she works with. With 30 years' experience in finance and accounting, including 20 years in associative circles, she has been working for the past 10 years at aduna romandie, a non-profit association serving associations and foundations, as finance and accounting delegate for the Hub des possibles.

#accounting #finance #reliability

Lory Favre

HR Specialist

Lory has a pragmatic mind and good synthesis, anticipation and organization skills, which she naturally passes on to the people she works with. With 15 years' administrative and HR experience in a variety of fields, she holds a federal HR specialist diploma and has been working for aduna romandie, a non-profit association serving associations and foundations, since June 2018. She has been the HR management delegate for Hub des possible since 2024.

#rh #service #sharing

The committee

Nicod Leila


Director of health and social care institutions

#health #social #leadership

Marc Münster


Co-Managing Director, sanu future learning ag sa

#training #sustainability

Ingrid Fumasoli


One Planet Lab project manager for French-speaking Switzerland and project manager at the World Wide Fund for Nature Switzerland (WWF).

#civil_society #sobriety

Cornelis Neet

Coaching and consulting for public management former Director General of the Environment, State of Vaud

#change #institutions

Erica Mazerolle

Co-founder of NUHA.earth, program manager at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub of the University of Lausanne (UNIL)

#innovation #entrepreneurship

Mark Milton

Founder of Education4Peace and PeopleFirst


Bernard Dupasquier

Organizational Development Expert (UNIA)

#vision #shared governance

The network

Sara Gnoni


Coaching and courses in sustainability and extra-financial reporting, B Corp and Eco entreprise certifications.

Nicolas Bezençon


Agricultural engineer, active in rural development and agricultural policy

Sophie Conchon


Guide B Corp and sustainability, graphic facilitator

Sarah Koller


Ecopsychology practitioner

Roberto Zanani


Communications and marketing manager

Alexa Firmenich


Author, poet, wilderness guide, investor - Deep ecology

Patrick Favre


Director, Centre d'Education Permanente

Joelle Herren


Communications Manager

Charles Kleiber


President, Association Disputons-Nous (ADN) Former State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation (SEFRI)

Edith Favoreu


Co-director of the DAS resillience and organizational health and the DAS happiness in organizations -HEG Geneva

Jean Ducommun


Strategic and operational coach

Eric Wagner


Company director. Renewable energies

Giorgio Pauletto


Director of Strategy and Innovation SIG Services Industriels de Genève

Frédérique Delahaye


General Manager of Alver

Raphaelle Probst


Geographer-urban planner, Head of planning and urban development

Esther Merino


Strategic resource developer

John B Borruat


co-founder enact-now

Céline Desmarais


Professor HEIG-VD

Fabienne Lagier


Professional coach - consultant in education and international development

Micael Metry


Cultural regeneration facilitator

Sophie Falk


HR Specialist

Audrey Klein


General environmental engineer and hydrologist - Asinotherapy